Locking in your MBA while in undergrad: 2+2 Deferred Programs

March 18, 2024
5 PM — 6 PM PST, 60 minutes
Shadman Uddin, M.A. (Stanford)
Ivo Paula Lima, MBA/MA (Stanford GSB)
Arkesh Patel, MBA (HBS)
5 PM, PST via Zoom
Locking in your MBA while in undergrad: 2+2 Deferred Programs
Virtual Event

Locking in your MBA while in undergrad: 2+2 Deferred Programs

Shadman Uddin, M.A. (Stanford)
Shadman Uddin, M.A. (Stanford)
Ivo Paula Lima, MBA/MA (Stanford GSB)
Ivo Paula Lima, MBA/MA (Stanford GSB)
Panelist #1
Arkesh Patel, MBA (HBS)
Arkesh Patel, MBA (HBS)
Panelist #2

We'll cover: 

1. The transformative potential of Deferred MBA (2+2) programs that will allow your child to gain valuable work experience before embarking on their MBA journey.

2. Firsthand experience from Crimson 2+2 alumni, Arkesh Patel (HBS) and Ivo Lima (GSB), about their unique 2+2 journeys and the advantages an MBA holds for both business and non-business school graduates.

3. Any burning questions you have on Deferred MBA programs in the US.

About The Speakers

Host: Shadman Uddin

Shadman Uddin, General Manager of Graduate School Admissions, is a Stanford University graduate with a Master's in Arts. His diverse background includes leadership in educational enterprises and running a national startup accelerator.

Panelist 1: Arkesh Patel

Arkesh Patel is the Chief Operating Officer of Crimson Education. He graduated with top honors in Natural Sciences (Chemistry) from the University of Cambridge and holds an MBA from Harvard Business School. Arkesh, a 2+2 admit, has held leadership positions in top firms, like Bain, Lyft, and Thumbtack, Arkesh has built a thriving career across multiple industries.

Panelist 2: Ivo Paula Lima

Ivo studied economics and math at University of Chicago before working at Bank of America, where he specialized in structuring fixed income derivatives. A 2+2 MBA alumni from Stanford, Ivo has also led the non-profit BRASA, aiding thousands of students in gaining admissions to top universities, and the high school research firm, Indigo.

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