How GSB Helped me Scale Crimson | 60m Masterclass with Jamie Beaton

April 25, 2024
7 PM — 8 PM PST, 60 minutes
Jamie Beaton
7 PM, PST via Zoom
How GSB Helped me Scale Crimson | 60m Masterclass with Jamie Beaton
Virtual Event

How GSB Helped me Scale Crimson | 60m Masterclass with Jamie Beaton

Jamie Beaton
Jamie Beaton
CEO, Crimson Education

Thinking of becoming an entrepreneur and unsure whether an MBA is the right move for you?

Join us for an exclusive webinar featuring Jamie Beaton, Crimson's co-founder and CEO. In this engaging 60-minute session, Jamie will dive into his journey at Stanford Graduate School of Business, shedding light on how he capitalized on unparalleled networking opportunities, a multidisciplinary approach, and GSB's DNA rooted in entrepreneurship and innovation. Discover how Jamie leveraged his time at GSB to scale a small start-up into an edtech giant valued at over $600M that has transformed a once-antiquated and fragmented industry.

About The Speaker: Jamie Beaton

Jamie graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Applied Mathematics-Economics and a Masters's degree in Applied Math from Harvard, two years ahead of schedule while also working as the youngest analyst at Tiger Management. At the age of 20, Jamie became one of the youngest students ever accepted to Stanford Graduate School of Business and has received an MBA and Masters in Education. Since 2014, alongside his co-founders, he has built one of the most successful educational firms, helping thousands of students get into their dream schools and launch exciting careers each year. It Crimson Education has become the leading admissions advisory firm, securing over 220 Ivy League offers for its clients in 2024 alone and a ~90% success rate among M7 applicants.

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