Best MBA Programs For Finance

Discover the top MBA programs for Finance, where location plays a pivotal role in career prospects. With a focus on prime financial hubs like New York and London, prestigious institutions such as NYU Stern and LBS offer unparalleled opportunities in banking and venture capital. Explore how the resurgence of Finance as a sought-after industry reshapes MBA education.

Despite the rise of tech firms (Amazon, together with Google and Apple, is among the biggest recruiters from top-tier business schools), the banking sector is holding its own as an MBA employer. Actually, the slowdown in tech in 2022 has even helped Finance re-establishing itself as the second most popular industry among MBA professionals. 

Our list of top MBA for Finance is significantly shorter than our list for Consulting. Even more so than for  any other industry, the location of a program plays a huge role for candidates looking at a career in Finance, and we also looked at the widely quoted Global Financial Centres Index to refine our list of Best MBA Programs for Finance.  While schools like Berkeley-Haas or INSEAD have lower placement rates in Finance, their prime locations in major Venture Capital markets make them attractive for people looking at a career in VC. The United States dominates the list and the school’s location plays a predominant role. New York University Stern, which benefits from proximity to Wall Street, places about a third of the most recent graduating class in the finance sector, a proportion that has remained unchanged for years.  In Europe, the U.K. is still leading the  pack with 3 programs represented  - Oxford Said, Cambridge Judge and London Business School are all safe choices for people looking at a career in Finance.  

MBA Programs

MBA Programs

School Placement Top Subsector Top Subsector Average (Median*) Salary
Stanford Graduate School of Business 38% PE (18%) US$ 215,000*
Wharton 36.7% IB (13.5%) US$ 175,000*
Columbia Business School 36.3% IB (16.4%) US$ 175,000*
Harvard Business School 35% PE (17%) US$ 185,000*
Cornell University: Johnson 35% IB (24.5%) US$ 175,000*
University of Chicago: Booth 32.6% IB (11.1%) US$ 175,000*
New York University: Stern 29.4% IB (23.3%) US$ 175,000*
University of Oxford: Saïd 26.7% IM (9.8%) £ 86,218
LBS 26% PE (7%) | IB (7%) £ 100,268
University of Cambridge: Judge 24% Withheld N/A
Dartmouth College: Tuck 23% IB (14%) US$ 175,000*
Yale SOM 22.2% IB (11.5%) US$ 175,000*
Northwestern University: Kellogg 22% IB (7.7%) US$ 175,000*
Duke University: Fuqua 21% IB (11.1%) US$ 175,000*
HKUST 39% IM (18%) US$ 132,354
MIT: Sloan 19.9% IB (6.2%) US$ 175,000*
UC Berkeley: Haas 14.5% PE/VC (4.8%) US$ 150,000*
INSEAD 14% PE/VC EUR 101,800


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