Leveraging The Middle East Context To Strengthen Your MBA Application

July 17, 2024
7:00 PM — 8:00 PM GST, 60 minutes
Jonathan Deforge
7:00 PM, GST via Zoom
Leveraging The Middle East Context To Strengthen Your MBA Application
Virtual Event

Leveraging The Middle East Context To Strengthen Your MBA Application

Jonathan Deforge
Jonathan Deforge

The Middle East presents a unique and dynamic context that can significantly enhance your MBA application. Leveraging your experiences and insights from this region can set you apart.  The Middle East is a hub for various industries, including oil and gas, finance, and emerging tech. For instance, top VC funds are increasingly investing in the region, and tech entrepreneurship is booming. With impactful policies like Vision 2030, the Middle East is transforming fast, and top business schools are increasingly looking at bringing applicants from the region. Join our webinar to learn how to effectively leverage your Middle Eastern experiences to create a compelling narrative that not only sets you apart from other applicants but also highlights your potential to contribute to and benefit from a top MBA.

In this webinar, we will cover

  1. Key Strategies to Showcase Your Journey: Learn how to articulate your professional journey and personal background in a way that highlights your regional insights and global mindset.
  2. Success Stories: Discover real-life examples of successful MBA applicants from the Middle East and the unique angles they used to stand out.
  3. Application Tips:  Get practical advice on incorporating your Middle Eastern context into various components of your application, including your resume, essays, recommendation letters, and interviews.

About The Speaker: Jonathan Deforge

Jonathan has over 12 years of experience in Business Education and has successfully coached and mentored over 1,000 MBA candidates. He has worked directly with, and successfully helped 100s of diverse high potential individuals secure admissions offers from prestigious MBA programs. With acceptance rate in M7 programs at ~90%, Jonathan has become one of the most renowned MBA coaches in APAC. His unique background and extensive network in many industries give him an edge when it comes to understanding his candidates’ profiles and the challenges they face.

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